Jonathan Timmons

[two_third ="no"] List Academic Awards Achieved in School: [checklist] Scholastic Honor Roll- 6th 7th grade. 3.5 GPA [/checklist] List any athletic awards that you have received: [checklist] Football - Best offensive and Defensive lineman Basketball - MVP of Tournament , and Most Motivational [/checklist] Favorite moment(s) on court: Me blocking 7 shots in a

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Germantown wins the South District Championship!

In the first quarter, Lowrance and Germantown traded blows. Lowrance struck first with Tyler Brewer hitting Jonathan (Jon Jon) Timmons on the block for the assist. Germantown then fed the ball to Jacob Ivey in the high post, and Ivey finished through contact. Pound the ball inside. This seemed to be the strategy for both

Germantown wins the South District Championship! 2012-01-25T21:27:18+00:00

Germantown vs. Lowrance…. Part II!

Game commentary by Brian Bins First off.... hats off to Lowrance for a really really hard fault battle! They came out fast and focused! Scored immediately off the jump ball with Tyler Brewer (Ty) taking Jonathan Bins (JB) straight to the bucket for the games' first two points. Lowrance seemed to have a determined game

Germantown vs. Lowrance…. Part II! 2011-11-22T15:55:13+00:00