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Germantown won the Harding tournament in the 8th grade middle school division

[one_third last="no"] [/one_third] [one_third last="yes"] [/one_third] Commentary courtesy of MrJBsDad Germantown won the Harding tournament in the 8th grade middle school division. The championship game was against Harding Academy.  The first time Germantown played Harding this season was in an exhibition game, they beat them by 30 points. Well yesterday Harding had a

Germantown vs. Lowrance…. Part II!

Game commentary by Brian Bins First off.... hats off to Lowrance for a really really hard fault battle! They came out fast and focused! Scored immediately off the jump ball with Tyler Brewer (Ty) taking Jonathan Bins (JB) straight to the bucket for the games' first two points. Lowrance seemed to have a determined game

Germantown vs. Lowrance Middle

This was one the preseason most talked about match up, Lowrance vs. Germantown Middle. The game started with Germantown winning the toss and Jacob Ivey getting a quick layup, as Germantown struck first. The first quarter was a battle of the paint, with Jonathon Timmons and Ivey going back and forward trading baskets. Eric Turner (Lowrance)

CBL UPDATE: Week 6, October 1, 2011

Yellow Jackets beat Terrapins with a buzzer better by Jamal Cox. Dennis Price, Darrell Brown and Jeremiah Martin stepped up in the absence of Donte Fitzpatrick. Bradley Walker was strong for the Terrapins Dedric Lawson led the Jayhawks over the Cardinals in a close game. KJ Hughes led the Cardinals over the Wildcats in the 5-7th grade

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