Heart Over Size

Despite standing 4'9" tall, 5th grader (PG) Marlon Mcshane has not only held his on in the 5/6th division of the 2016 MBL league, but he is one of the top contenders in the scoring, assists, and steals categories. Mcshane is a menace on defense and is impossible to guard one-on-one. Marlon By

2016 MBL Semi-Finals Recap

by Briana Moore The semifinals of 2016 Memphis Basketball League (MBL) were played last Sunday, September 17th at Lausanne Collegiate School! This MBL season is sadly coming to a close with the Championship Games on this Sunday, September 25, 2016! Good luck to the remaining teams that are pumped and ready to see

Permit filed for $62 million U of M student rec center – Memphis Business Journal

A building permit with a lot of zeros was just filed for the new University of Memphis student recreation center. The permit to “construct student recreation center” at 3798 Southern Ave. was submitted Monday, Sept. 19. The permit to build the more than 192,000-square-foot center was valued at $53 million. Source: Permit filed

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